Creative Bio

The following is a timeline of the artist’s trajectory.

  • 1999 Started assistant teaching after school art program. Toronto.
  • 2005   Studied art at Central Technical school. Toronto.
  • 2007  Began drawing portrait series’. Published on social media.
  • 2008  “Ma BLonde et moi” Photo series published on social media.
  • 2009  “Little lambs Photo Show” Charity photo sale – raising money for Little Lambs School in India. Toronto.
  • 2011-2015 Studied drawing and woodblock at Concordia University. Montreal, Quebec.
  • 2015 “Faire Impression au Rouleau Compresseur” (Steam roller printing) Val David, Quebec.
  • 2018 Exhibited at Salon D’Hiver. Toronto.
  • 2019 Spring Beach Studio Tour. Toronto.
  • 2019 “The Tree of Life” shown at Essentia. Toronto.

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